Luz Kaito

Age: 30 Summers
Occupation: Modelling, Entertainer, Courtesan.
Orientation: Heterosexual.
Relationship: Monogamously Invested. ♥


About thirty-one summers ago, a baby girl with platinum blonde hair, was born to a pair of sailors. The couple were bandits, hailing from Aerslaent and sailing the Northern Empty completing all sorts of jobs and occasionally, heists. Neither of them wanted a child, yet Llymlaen had other plans for them. On one dawn passing through the Far East, the two abandon their infant daughter along with some other cargo. A raen man, working the docks in Kugane spotted the crying child and felt immediate sympathy. He looked after the baby for the entire day, to see if any familiar ships returned. The ship never came back, the man was saddened and quite disappointed in the actions that took place. He kept her fed with potatoes he snacked upon during the day; mashing them up for her consumption. After the day of a beautiful new relationship, the man takes the baby home to his wife.The man's wife was immediately enamored by the infant. A child was like a gift directly from the Kami, as the two had lost children of their own in the past. The two made the decision to raise the child themselves, and named her Luz.The couple taught Luz everything they knew, and filled her head with positive outlooks on the East and Western lands alike. Inevitably the question did arise as to why she did not look like her ryoshin. The couple did not plan to hide the truth from her, and sat down formally to explain. Luz never resented her ryoshin, and instead expressed her thanks through her actions and words alike. The young woman could only imagine where she'd be without their kindness. As the young girl grew, she began to be recognized for her beauty at a young age. Not even a summer later, Luz became a children’s clothing model. She was painted on flyers that were posted throughout the city. Citizens recognized the adorable young girl where ever the three went; which led to more opportunities. This was a lifestyle Luz grew used to and began to love.The woman never lost her passion, and continues as an adulthood. On Luz's eighteenth summer, she began to take up more mature modelling and photography, involving physical female empowerment. Something she herself was all about. The nude art and photographs were displayed in galleries across the East and West. This being said, Luz travels often for her job.Luz became a symbol, and wished to make a difference in the Hingan community. In her spare time, she took on tougher jobs such as construction. She began to incorporate that into her self portraits, wanting break the stigma of gender roles, especially in such traditional lands. This art wasn’t always received well in the East but was quite popular in the Western lands! Overtime the popularity has risen ever so slightly in Hingashi, though overall the nation is set in their traditional way.To this day Luz is a symbol for many things, from sex to empowerment, and intelligence. In her spare time, Luz enjoys literature. She has written a couple of biographical books, in both Hingan and Eorzean!


Appearance: Luz has platinum blonde hair and dark azure iris. She has very pronounced cheekbones and a natural arch in her eyebrows, with fair skin. Luz stands about 5 fulms and 4 ilms, with a curvy figure. She has ample bosom and posterior with strong legs.Personality: Luz has a very soft and high voice, usually compared to a sparrow by her ryoshin. She generally keeps a level head in situations and is never insecure or rude to others. Luz tries to be kind and pleasant to anyone she comes in contact with, despite their initial approach. It is easier for her to spread love and care, than hatred. When feeling down or sad, Luz expresses her thoughts up front in a kind manner and also if she wishes to be left alone. Her alignment is a Neutral Good: she dislikes certain laws in place, especially in her homeland, but is not one for anarchy. She acts based on what seems rational but ultimately wants to do right by her self and others.


PLEASE NOTE: Some images are nsfw, containing nudity.